From 8am every morning
Until 11.30 weekdays and 9.30 weekends (see brunch)

Breakfast buffet – 1590 kr

Bread, cold cuts, coffee, tea, yogurt, orange juice, cereal and various other items for a good start of the day

Huevos Rancheros – 1790 kr
(as add on for buffet: 800kr)

Mexican inspired breakfast with black beans fried in olive oil and cumin, avocado cuts, tomato, scrambled eggs, tortilla cake and jalapeño sauce on the side (careful with that one)

Eggs and bacon – 1650 kr
(as add on for buffet: 700kr)

Samvinna grísa og hæna til að gefa deginum gott start

Sausage and beans – 1650 kr
(as add on for buffet: 700kr)

Sausages and beans, served with bread and butter

Hungry – 2190 kr
(as add on for buffet: 1300kr)

For those who can’t choose and just want a big breakfast


From kl 9.30 to 14.30 on Saturdays and Sundays

Buffet – 2990 kr

Brauð, cold cuts, scrambled eggs, bacon, fried black beans, sausages, pancakes, coffee, tea… and various other small courses to make a perfect brunch


Silvija’s fish shoup – 2650 kr

Chili soup with fresh fish, shrimps and scallops – bread and butter on the side. Sour cream on the side available.

Traditional Icelandic „kjötsúpa“ – 2550 kr

Icelandic lamb meat is the base of this traditional soup that kept Icelanders alive through the cold winters. Full of meat, potatoes and vegetables, this soup will get you through the day

Vegan soup á la Annemieke – 1950 kr

Inspiration of the day. Vegan soup for those who just want a good soup, more than anything else.


Greek salad – 2450 kr

Greek salad with feta cheese (vegan option available) – full healthy meal

Niçoise salad – 2650 kr

Tuna salad with eggs and beans

Salat með Gremolata – 2550 kr

Tomato, beans and potato salade with Gremolata

To share

Bar plate – 2600 kr

Cheeses, sausage, olives, bread and various snacks that go well with a glass of beer or wine


All bagels come with a side salad to complete the meal.

Bacon, lettuce og tomato – 1450 kr

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers – 1450 kr

Cream cheese and jam – 890 kr

Eggs, cheese and ham – 1450 kr

Hummus – 1350 kr


All bagels come with a side salad to complete the meal.

Ham and cheese – 1450 kr

Pepperoni and cheese – 1450 kr

Mozzarella, tomato, pesto and parma ham – 1550 kr


Quesadilla with brie, mango and spring onion – 1650 kr

This one will surprise you – but in a good way. Served with a side salad for a complete mea