Dinner menu

Fish Soup served with home baked bread & butter. 2490 kr. 

Traditional Lamb Soup served with home baked bread & butter. 2490 kr. 

Tomato Vegetable Soup served with home baked bread & butter. 1290 kr. 

Soup of the Day served with home baked bread & butter. 1290 kr.

Fresh Salad tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, red onion, olives,
sun-dried tomatoes, feta & balsamic vinegar, served with home baked bread. 1990 kr.

Chicken Salad with tandoori chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, pineapple, olives, roasted maize & mustard dressing,
served with home baked bread. 2490 kr.

Falafel Fritters served with fresh salad, sower cream, guacamole & home baked bread. 2490 kr.

Fish of the Day in light lemon cream sauce with capers, served with vegetables & mashed potato. 3750 kr.

Lamb Chops with mushrooms, tomato, rocket & and bernaise sauce, served with chunky chips. 4090 kr.

Home made Beef Burger with cheese, red onion, tomatoes & lettuce, served with chunky chips and mayonnaise. 2490 kr.


Cold Shrimps on Bread with melon, apple, lemon sauce & fresh salad Pickled Herring on Rye Bread with potato salad & asparagus. 1990 kr.

Cheese Board selection of 5 Icelandic Cheeses served with fresh salad & home baked bread. 1990 kr.

Bacon Foccacia Sandwich with egg, lettuce & cheese, served with chunky chips & tomato salsa. 2490 kr. 

Smoked Trout Bagle with egg, avocado & fresh salad. 1990 kr.

Chunky Chips served with garlic mayonnaise & tomato salsa. 990 kr. 

Nachos served with cheese sauce, tomato salsa & guacamole. 990 kr. 

We offer gluten free bread as an alternative to the home baked bread 

Children’s Menu (12 years and younger)

Beef Burger with tomato sauce, served with chunky chips.  1090 kr.

Pasta Bolognese served with chunky chips.  1090 kr. 


Bottle Beer (Viking Classic, Thule, Corona). 1080 kr. 

›Einstök Bottle Beer (Pale Ale, White Ale, Porter). 1120 kr.

Draft Beer (Viking Gold). small/large 890 kr./1100 kr.

Light Beer. 560 kr.

White Wine 187 ml. (Morande, Faustini VII, Las Moras). 1420 kr.  

White Wine 250 cl. JP Chenet. 1560 kr. 

Red Wine 187 ml. (Morande, Faustini VII, Las Moras).  1420 kr.

Soda (Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite, Sparkling Water). 450 kr.


Slice of Cake.
Apple Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cheese- & Skyr Cake, Pear Cake, Marengue Cake, Happy Magnús (Date Cake with coconut, chocolate & cream), Ingimar (sponge layers with chocolate, jam, marsipan & cream), Carrot Cake. 990 kr. 

Raw Cake Various types 420 kr.

Belgian Waffle with rubarb jam or chocolate sauce & whipped cream. 990 kr.

You’re welcome to take a look out our selection of pastries at the counter downstairs

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