Cake Menu

Apple Cake
Old Fashioned with Cinnamon, served warm with Whipped Cream or Ice Cream.     990 kr.

Chocolate Cake     990 kr.

Cheese-  and Skyr Cake     990 kr.

Pear Cake
Sponge layers, Pears & Whipped Cream with Chocolate.     990 kr.

Meringue Cake with Coconut Candy.     990 kr.

Chocolate Rice Krispies, Meringue, Whipped Cream & Chocolate Candy.     990 kr.

Happy Magnús
Layers with Dates, Coconut & Chocolate Chips, Whipped Cream & Chocolate Icing.     990 kr.

Cinnamon Cake.     990 kr.

Carrot Cake.     990 kr.

Ingimars cake
Spong layers, whipped cream, berry jam, coconut layer, marzipan & chocolate.    990 kr.

Raw Cake.
Various Types.     440 kr.

Belgian Waffle
Served with Rubarb Jam or Chocolate Sauce & Whipped Cream.     990 kr.

Various types.     480 kr.

Various types.     520 kr.

We offer Icelandic whipped cream with all the cakes

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