Uncle Steini’s Breakfast
Home baked bread, scrambled eggs, ham, cheese, vegetables, marmalade & butter.     1490 kr.

Aunt Rannveig’s Breakfast
Home baked bread, butter & scrambled eggs with fried tomato, pepper & mushrooms.      1490 kr.

Chef’s Style
Bacon, fried eggs, baked beans, home baked bread, tomato & butter     1690 kr.

The Viking
Bacon, scrambled eggs, sausages, fried potatoes, home baked bread, butter, jam, cheese, ketchup, pancake with syrup & fruit.     2490 kr.

Bacon Brekkie Sandwich
Ciabatta with bacon strips, fried mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce & garlic dressing.     1490 kr.

Egg Benedict on home baked bread with Hollandaise sauce.     1490 kr.

Toasted Bread with cheese, butter & marmalade.     890 kr.

Toasted Bread with guacamole, butter & tomato.     890 kr.

Trad. Icelandic fried bread w. smoked lamb/trout.     990 kr.

Vegetable & Egg Bagel
Scrambled eggs & cream cheese with a selection of salad.     1390 kr.

Chicken Bagel
Chicken, cheese & cream cheese with a selection of salad.     1390 kr.

Keto plate
Bacon, egg, broccoli, salad, cucumber, almond bread & Chimichurri dressing.     1690 kr.

Smoked Trout Bagel
Smoked trout & cream cheese with a selection of salad.     1390 kr.

Waffle with mixed berry jam & whipped cream.     990 kr.    

Greek Yoghurt with apple & muesli.     840 kr.

Porridge with milk, raisins & cinnamon sugar.     740 kr.

Chia Porridge with dates, apricots & soya milk.      890 kr.

Vanilla Skyr with milk.     640 kr.

Fruit Salad.     890 kr.

Strawberry Boost.     990 kr.

Green Smoothie.      990 kr

We offer gluten free bread as an alternative to the home baked bread